Khanyisile Mgangana

Getting your child, a dog as a pet could be the start of a lifelong friendship between your child and the pet, as much this is amazing for your child there are a few things you should consider before getting your child a dog.


Having a dog is not all about those snuggly cuddles you get after a long day, you take care of him/her as well. Before getting that dog, your 5-year-old has been wailing about, give them a talk about the responsibilities that come with having that furry best friend, which includes, feeding and bathing, just to mention a few.

Other family members.

No matter how excited your child is about getting a pet, you also must consider the rest of the family as well as the pet is also going part of their lives. You might need to consider the allergies the furry friend might bring into your home too.

Is it in their nature to care?

Is your child a nurturer? As now you have highlighted the responsibilities of caring for their much-anticipated potential best friend to your child, it is important to observe if your child is likely to take care of the dog, with your help of course.


Now, this is where it gets scary, death is something we all cannot avoid human or not. It is important to consider how your child would handle losing their best friend.

A pet’s death is nearly always a source of dismay, and the longer they have cared for the pet, the more upset they will be. Try to judge if that situation is likely to be so distressing for then that it is best avoided altogether.


If you are satisfied with these points, and you are convinced that this is the perfect decision for you to get your child a pet, then go ahead! You’ll have great fun deciding on what kind of pet and the necessities to buy so that your child has everything she needs to look after it.