Khanyisile Mgangana

As a pet parent, one of the terrifying things that can happen to you is losing your loveable furry friend. Many doggos get lost wandering around exploring, they are unable to find the way home. A sad pup makes us sad. Tragically, other dogs are stolen too, which makes our blood boil. 

This scary event of your furry friend disappearing can be truly devastating. So, to get rid of the unknown learn how to protect your dog from becoming lost or stolen with these easy steps!

Do what every parent does and be RESPONSIBLE.

As you would do with your children, it is essential that you always know the whereabouts of your dog.

Try avoiding leaving your dog in the yard unattended for an extended period, a dog left alone is a target for thieves.

Keep a Collar with ID on Your Dog

It is a must for your dog to wear a collar! And it should always have updated identification. Sadly, too many dogs are picked up by animal control that has no ID. 

Unfortunately, some of these dogs are lost forever, leaving their owners heartbroken. Take the time to shop around the best collar and ID tag for your pooch and make sure the collar is a perfect fit, so it will not slip off.

Leash them on!

We all know that we all want our dogs to feel free, but it is crucial to keep your dog on a leash especially if you are public spaces, like taking a walk with your dog in the park or the sidewalk.

Sometimes it can be tempting to let your dog run off-leash. Maybe you are going from the house to the car and know your dog will follow you. 

Preventing Dog fights.

A dog fight is a terrifying thing to witness. Dog play often looks like fighting, so it’s hard to tell if you about to see a scuffle.

When should you step in and stop the interaction between dogs? Begin by observing what regular play looks like with your dog. When unsure, end the engagement if one or both dogs seem to be over the edge.

One of the essential things for pup parents to understand is how to prevent dog fights. Equally important is learning how to break up a dog fight safely.

Can’t find doggo!

If all else fails and sadly your doggo becomes lost or stolen, you must take immediate action. If you suspect theft, contact the local police. Put up posters, contact local animal hospitals and shelters, notify the neighbourhood. Post lost dog ads in the newspaper and list your dog online at lost dog databases. Most importantly, act fast and do not give up hope.

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