It’s usually the time of year when you’ve done most of your Christmas shopping, mostly over Black Friday. You’ve gone through everyone on your Christmas list and realise you’ve forgotten about a couple of people! You go out and do your last-minute shopping. Christmas comes and everyone gets gifts, except for pup.

You’re now sad because you forgot about pup.

This Christmas, your pup will be the first name on your list! Luckily, we’re here to help you decide on what to get the pup. So here’s a list on the 5 best Christmas gifts for doggo:

A tasty steak

Let’s start with something we KNOW your pup will love – meat. Yes, we do believe simplicity is key, but, it’s also no mystery that this will make your pup happier than your teenage son getting a Play Station! The steak doesn’t have to be fancy nor expensive – just make sure that it’s fresh and has a precious ribbon around it!

If your doggo for, some reason, doesn’t like you – this steak could be a catalyst for a lifetime of friendship.

Dog Brick

You’re probably thinking: “What are you yapping about?!”.

This gift is something more complicated than just a brick, hooman. It’s a challenging toy that requires you to play with pup! All you have to do is hide treats in the compartments and watch pup try to move the pieces around to get to the treat. It’s something that the entire family can enjoy, because who wouldn’t want to watch a pup overcome a challenge and give out on odd ear scratch or two?


If you want to splurge on your pup this Christmas and don’t feel like spending too much energy throwing tennis balls 282 times a day, the iFetch is the perfect Christmas gift for your doggo! It’s an automated ball throwing machine which requires your clever doggo to bring the ball back and, preferably, drop it in the machine.

If you have a pup who is overburdened with energy, this will tire him out.

A plastic stick

Yes, we are aware that you might think this is a hazard – but it’s not! Sticks like the Bionic Urban Stick are extremely strong and difficult to break into harmful pieces. The idea with this toy is you have to put treats inside and let your pup struggle to get to it, while they’re chewing away, the toy cleans their teeth at the same time!

No more stinky breath, more kisses!


This ultimately depends on where your pup is currently sleeping. If your pup’s bed is old and beyond repair, try saving up to by doggo a bed that’s movable, easy to clean and most importantly – comfortable! If there is one Christmas gift a doggo will make use of, it would be a cosy bed for sure!

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