If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you love dogs. There’s also the possibility that you either have a dog or hoping to get one. We’re also pretty sure that you’ve experienced having to say goodbye to your pup and we’re certain that it’s, unfortunately, something you’re going to have to deal with in the future.

Losing a doggo is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Memories flood in and you truly realise how special they are in your life. You think – “Whose idea was it to give the greatest gift of life such a short life?”

We’ve decided to write an open letter to the senior dogs in our life, as a final goodbye and more importantly – a thank you.

Dear pooch,

It feels like just a couple of years ago when you and your giant paws were jumping around with youthful joy and naughty ambitions. But here you are, grey around the chin with a relaxed and aged wisdom.

You had just come into the world and joined our lives for your entire life. It was a time when you didn’t know pooping inside was making me reconsider having a dog. Besides that, I realise that I was excited to watch my best friend, the best I could ever ask for, grow up and become an important part of my family. I just wish now time could’ve slowed down.

You’ve learned so much since then: from ‘sit’; to knowing when and when not to jump up on the couch for cuddles; and understanding that slippers are our friends, not the enemy. The only thing you’ve never had to learn is how to make me smile, it just comes naturally with you. You always knew how to make my day better after exhausting and stressful days at work.

Do you know what’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever done? Love me every single day of your life, even when you knew I was angry about my slippers! You’ve protected my family and me, and we’ve felt safer because of it.

While I, and no human ever, will be able to reach the same level – you’ve taught me what it means to love, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the only thing we should truly know how to do with full commitment. And never question it.

It’s been an incredible journey with you, buddy. I’ve held your paw at the vet and you’ve rested your head in my lap when I needed a friend. So thank you, for sharing your life with me.

You know someone is special when the first time you shed a tear because of them, is because you’re about to lose them.

Love you, buddy.

If you’ve lost your doggo, we’d love to read about your memories and your open letter to your dog.

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