When it comes to fashion, we all tend to lose our minds just a little. Have you walked past a pet shop and seen an adorable outfit for your pet pooch that will fabulously match with yours? (Think Legally Blonde). Are you unsure whether your doggo gets too cold in winter and needs a fab new jersey or coat? We’ll help answer your questions here by looking at the more practical side of our doggos in clothes.

While some celeb pooches have wardrobes more extensive and fabulous than our own, like the ever so stylish Tinkerbell Hilton, not all pups necessarily want a dress or coat of their own. Here are signs to look out for and factors to consider to judge whether your bestie wants to wear clothes or not.

The Weather

The first deciding factor should always be the weather. If you live in a hot area of the country and it’s a scorcher of a day, please don’t dress your pet pooch up in a dress or outfit. You feel the heat, they do too. Most of our beloved doggos are covered in fur and can overheat quickly. Tip – lookout for heavy panting from them.

Features On The Outfits

If your doggo allows you to dress her in outfits, be considerate of aspects like elastic bands that are too tight, the size of the gear and if the outfit gets in the way of your doggo moving around.

The Frozen Effect

If it’s your first time dressing your pooch is something fab, and they freeze and refuse to walk, it’s a good idea to take their outfit off as they clearly don’t like it. Please don’t force your bestie to wear something they’re uncomfortable in, imagine wearing the scratchiest jersey known to mankind and not being able to take it off?

Rolling Around

If you’ve decided that your pet pooch is the next fashionista and you’ve bought an entire wardrobe just for them, watch how they react to what you’ve dressed them in. If your doggo starts rolling around the floor, they’re trying to get rid of what you’ve put on them. They obviously would instead go without.

Test It Out

Start off with something simple like a collar or a bandana and see how your pooch reacts to that. Test the waters and then try a jersey in winter. If dressing up is not for them, there are beautiful collars and leashes you can try out. They could even have a different combo for every season and can still be the fashionista of the decade!

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