Keeping to a regular walking routine keeps pup and owner in shape and socially active. Always be prepared. So read on for expert tips to make walking your dog the best part of your day!

Love the leash

Get a leash that fits your dog well and, more importantly, feels comfortable in your hand. You want to be able to hold on tight when needed, and loosely when your buddy is walking nicely next to you. Retractable leashes are great for a long run on the beach, but not so safe when you’re walking on busy roads or an urban park. Go for a good harness or collar and standard leash instead.

Give yourself time

The last thing you want is to be rushing when Spot wants to sniff all the things and greet all the other doggies in the park. Make sure you have plenty of time for exercise and play, without being rushed. Your vet can help you with regards to how much activity is best for your dog’s age and breed. 

Stay in control

Puppy school and adult dog training are vital, and so is firm leadership from the dog’s favourite person: you. When you’re walking your pup, you must have full control when it comes to stopping or when it’s time to go off leash (if at all). Keep control, so your dog feels safe, and you know you can keep him/her safe. 

Test the temperature

If you’re going to be walking on pavements, roads, or hot beach sand, put your hand or barefoot on the surface to test how hot it is. If you can’t comfortably keep your hand there for a few minutes, it’ll be an ouch for your pooch’s paws. Durbanites should stick to early morning and evening walks during the hot summer months to avoid the hot paths and roads.

Be equipped

On those warm summer days, you’ll want to carry water with you, for both you and your pup to stay hydrated. You’ll also need your scoop and baggies, for poop patrol. Practice Fido’s obedience and favourite tricks along the way, and remember to pack some healthy treats for rewards!