We just want to start out by asking:

After a long, emotional and tiring day at work – doesn’t your pup (while nudging for a head scratch or cuddle) give you an instant smile when you get home?

There are tons of benefits why having a dog is great – but we decided to list a couple of benefits of why cuddling with your loving pooch is the best!

It Reduces Anxiety

We’ve all had a stressful day at work, and we’re all lucky that we have someone who’s super-excited to see and be with you when you get home! Dog cuddles immediately reduce stress and anxiety because it’s the best place to be! You instantly forget about the day or anything that dampens your mood and spend some healthy bonding time with your best friend!

Everyone Loves Bonding Time

Spending time with your pupper is the best way to improve your relationship! By snuggling up together – you’re creating a mutualistic relationship by keeping each other warm. You’re also creating a bond that can be beneficial in the future, such as security.

Your Bodyguard

By increasing your bond, your doggo is going to become more protective over you. Having a pup that cuddles with you overnight means they’ll bark and alert you to something potentially harmful. Dog cuddles don’t just help keep themselves warm, it helps you.

Warmth in the Cold Months

As mentioned above, doggo’s love a good cuddle for staying warm. It dates back to when dogs first became domesticated. They associated humans with food and warmth. When you’re cuddling your pup, and he/she makes a stinky, remember that it’s an age-old bonding tradition. All should be forgiven, right?

We do suggest wafting the smell away.

Yes, they can sometimes be smelly and might need to go to the lawn-loo every now and then – but remember that they will love you more for caring for them.

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