It’s a Monday afternoon, you’ve sat down on the couch with a glass of wine with your pup cuddled up next to you – but what the woof to watch?

Don’t stress. We’ve got a couple of incredible TV Shows that you and doggo would love to watch. Be warned; doggo will probably fall asleep and snore.

Here’s a list of our favourite pet TV Shows:

1. The Supervet

“The thing is that, for me, the love that a human can share with an animal is the very best thing that exists in the world, and it’s the very best thing about humanity. And looking after that love is why I exist.” – Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.

Leading our charts as our favourite pet caring show is The Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick. Noel is passionate about the love shared between humans and pets and feels he has to keep that connection alive. His methods are industry-leading because of his use of mechanical and flamboyant prosthetics.

He is known as ‘The Bionic Vet’ and Noel and his team run Fitzpatrick referrals in the UK. The reality show, on BBC Earth (channel 184), follows the stories of pups and other wonderful pets that are injured or sick – and tracks their recovery.

There are so few people who are passionate about saving the world and  Noel is one of those people.

Bring a box of tissues; It’s a tearjerker and a warmful smile at the same time — the best kind of tears.

2. The Dog Whisperer.

Dog behaviour expert, Cesar Milan, is a prime example of how dog parents should treat their pups. His non-violent and ingenious methods bring out the best in a doggo’s behaviour.

Cesar doesn’t only rehabilitate dogs but also trains dog owners on how to be better pet parents.

The Dog Whisperer is full of strange doggo’s and more often than not, curious people! It’s a great laugh, and you learn more about how doggo’s behave every episode. Unfortunately, the Dog Whisperer has stopped production. However, there are nine seasons for you to catch up on!

3. Incredible Dr Pol

Set in the farm country of Michigan, Incredible Dr Pol is a reality show about a passionate and hardworking Dutch-American vet, Jan Pol. Dr Pol has a strange sense of humour, but a familiar love of animals that we all share. A lot of his calls are farm animals; however, the odd cat and dog make a feature.

The best thing about Incredible Dr Pol is their son, Charles, who recently moved back from the city to help his Dad’s business. He’s a city boy who struggles with the slow pace of life but shares the same love his Dad does for animals.

It won’t bring you to tears, but it sure will make you smile and respect this hardworking family.

What do you think of our list? Which show should be here? We love hearing from you!

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