Welcome to spring! It’s a time of growth, rebirth and rejuvenation. Although, the constant sneezes, itchy throats, and annoying coughs suggest it’s the season of sniffles!

Unfortunately, humans aren’t alone in this seasonal struggle.

Our best fluffy friends suffer with us. According to Vet Street, up to 10% of doggo’s experience from the change of the season. However, their symptoms show up differently compared to ours.

Here are a couple of things to keep an eye out for if you suspect your pup has allergies:

1. Teary-eyed?

Research suggests that a minority of puppers can show signs of allergies with watery eyes, like hoomans! Take a look at your pooch’s eyes and monitor how often ‘gunge’ collects over a few days. If it’s more than the usual – we suggest you take your pup to the doggo doctor!

2. The Spring scratch.

There are several reasons why your pup is continuously scratching – like ticks or fleas. Bath the puppy with anti-flea/tick shampoo and monitor their scratching. If they’re still scratching, they’ve got allergies – a skin reaction called Atopy! Atopy could lead to serious secondary infections, caused by opening wounds from the consistent scratching. Make sure to make an appointment with your pup’s vet!

3. The ears tell a story.

An ear infection is a common secondary symptom caused by pollen from grass, weeds, and flowers. While your pup may look cute as heck putting their paws over their face, they might just be irritated with an itchy and painful ear infection.

If they’re continually rubbing over their face, you should make an appointment with the vet.

Spring should be a fun time for you and your pup as you defrost in the Sun after the Winer. So make sure to keep an eye out for odd scratching, and general behaviour changes your pup might be going through. As with most things, it’s always better to catch it before it gets worse.

We hope you and pup have fun in the sun this Spring, without the sniffs! Please feel free to share photos, videos or thoughts with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Oh! Make sure you don’t forget to take care of your allergies, hooman!