If you’re planning on spending time away this festive season, make sure you bring your doggo with! They are family, which means a family holiday would be incomplete without them.

South Africa is blessed with beautiful scenery and accommodation spots for you and the furry little friend. We’ve decided to put together a list of some of our favourite dog-friendly holiday ideas…

Dog-friendly Beaches

Has your pup ever seen salty water and soo much sand?! Not many have, so think about taking your pup to the beach! It can be an incredible learning experience for them, with so many smells and salty nose sneezes!

Cape Town

As the entire province of Gauteng migrates to the Cape, why not join them with your best bud? Several beaches around Cape Town offer you the possibility of taking pup off the leash as long as they behave and you pick up their smellies. Cape Town also offers accommodation for you and your doggo! If these accommodations are fully booked, there are doggy hotels in Cape Town who would be happy to look after and entertain your pup.


Another dog-friendly area in South Africa, Durban, has a lot of parks and beaches for your pooches amusement! However, a majority of these places insist that your pup stays on a leash and, of course, picking up the poop is a must. Treating your pup to a beachy holiday could be fun and exciting for both of you.

Dog-friendly Camping & Hiking

An outdoor camping experience with your doggo can make for an interesting trip. It’s important that, before booking, you enquire about bringing your pup. Camping during the holiday season can be difficult, as you don’t want your doggo to disturb other visitors.


The province of the rising sun is littered with magical and scenic camping spots! The nature reserves, of which there are many, offer a great place for you and your buddy to camp, hike and spend some much-needed quality time. Since it gets hot in Mpumalanga, we strongly suggest carrying a lot of water for both of you.

Eastern Cape

This remote area can leave you speechless and in awe of the beauty on offer. From undulating terrain to large flat areas, the Eastern Cape is a bucket list destination when it comes to hiking and camping (and who better to do it with other than with your best buddy?).

Taking your dog with you on holiday can be crucial to their mental health. Dogs can’t comprehend how long you’re leaving the house for. In their minds, they don’t know the difference between you being gone for 8 hours or a month.

It makes sense now, right?

That’s why they’re so excited to see you when you get home, they never know when they’re seeing you again! You’re their entire life, so it’s only appropriate to do everything you can to be with them.

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