Just like us, our doggos can get really competitive and love to compete in sports! It’s like playing, but with a little something extra at the end – the prize. If it’s edible, we bet your doggo would love to win. Here are some of the most popular dog sports around.

Dog Diving

This one is an excellent fun for humans and their pooches in the summer. Two dogs dive into the pool of water to retrieve a toy/ball. The winner is the doggo who jumps the farthest and ultimately gets the toy. Don’t stand too close, you might just get wet!

Dog Dancing

Otherwise known as heelwork to music, doggos and their owners make up a team and dance to the music. Something really important here is the bond between the owner and their doggo. Is there enough coordination and cooperation?

Flying Disc

Alternatively known as playing frisbee in the park to us humans, this sport is a lot of fun for both owner and pup. The competition consists of time rounds (this varies, but it’s usually a minute or so) and in that time the doggo-human team have to make as many successful throws and catches as they can. The more tricks, the better!


This is probably the most popular of good sports, you could almost call it the Olympics! This sport consists of a pup going throw an obstacle course as fast and precisely as they can, assisted by their owner or handler. The doggo usually responds to their handlers body movements or voice commands, which takes a lot of practice and obedience!


Flyball is one for the whole family! This sport consists of two teams of four doggos, they have to run as fast as they can and complete a series of jumps to a box. Their next task is to activate a catapult machine with their paws, which releases a ball that they have to catch and race back to the starting point. What a lot of fun!


This sport is a little more relaxed and requires more focus and obedience (hence the name) from the doggo and their owner. Here they are tested to answer specific commands like “sit” and “Heel”. These obviously depend on what you and your doggo come up with!