We’ve all been there. Doggo is stinking out the house because they think rolling in the dirt is fun. Let’s say we’ll take their word for it?

It’s bath time. However, wait, be careful not to say it too loudly, or it will be impossible to get a hold of your pup!

To make this process easier, we’ve found a couple of tricks and hacks that can make bath time a much more pleasant experience for you and doggo.

Mum’s the word

We’ve said it above, and we’ll repeat it. Mr doggo mustn’t know that they’re about to be bathed.

You don’t want to see this faceā€¦

Instead, go on as usual to a different place to bath doggo. Whether it’s a separate bathtub or a tub in the garden, don’t let them associate a particular area to the traumatic-not-so-traumatic bath.

Cold! Hot! Ah, Perfect

If doggo is shivering, it’s too cold. If doggo pants, it’s too warm.

Do your best to make the water temperature similar to room temperature.

They should be content with what’s happening, like this lovely and relaxed doggo.

Don’t Be A Pain in the Eyes.

Human shampoo is no good. More often and not, these are not pet-friendly and don’t have ingredients that assist in repelling ticks and fleas. Go to the vet and ask the doggo doctor what they recommend.

Make sure the shampoo you get won’t cause eye irritation. Even so, make sure you do your best to protect doggo’s eyes from the soap.

Your doggo’s experience of bathtime shouldn’t be a bad experience. As much as our pups remember bad experiences, they also remember great ones too. Do your best to keep doggy happy.

Oh my, we almost forgot. MAKE SURE DOGGO IS DRY before you let your dogs loose.

This is the LAST thing you want your squeaky clean doggo to do.