Have you ever wondered why dogs are man’s best friend? You think; “What did I do to deserve this awesome, loving pup?” 

Well, we’ve compiled a couple of reasons on what makes man’s best friend, man’s best friend.

They Protect

When you treat your pup well, there’s no reason why he/she shouldn’t protect you. Dogs are more loyal than most humans. They know if you’re scared and if they feel you’re in danger, they’re already barking before anything happens. There’s a selfless love that most pets don’t have. Cherish your best pal.

They Love

Ever watched a tear-jerker movie and noticed your doggo come closer and closer? Suddenly your pup puts his/her paw on your lap. They’re worried about you because they love you. It’s always nice to hold someone until you’re feeling better, but there’s nothing better than holding your pup to get you back to your emotionally stable self. A couple of face licks and head-scratch nudges usually does the trick. Aren’t they just the best?


Pups know they’re part of the family, and because of this, every new member of the family is loved like their own. If your doggo has a soft temperament, they’ll be great with babies and little kids. If you’re not part of the family and try to get in between them – boy you’re in trouble! 

Because doggos are so loved, they’re brilliant at giving it back. As mentioned above, we can’t think of many animals that can love and protect you as a doggo does. It’s what makes them great. 

Keep them happy with a nutritional diet, a pleasant walk and some cuddles, and you’ll see man’s best friend shining through and bringing joy to you and your family.