Let’s start this blog post by asking you a simple question: Wouldn’t it be great getting fed, cleaned and treated like a star – without doing much work?

If you say yes, you should try being a famous dog!

We’ve compiled a list of the most famous pups who are cared for and loved for better than most humans!

The Royal Corgis

Can you think of a better animal that you’d want to be? The Royal Corgis are the selected breed of Corgi’s that span over 10 generations as companions in the royal household. It all started with the matriarch Corgi, Susan, who was given as a gift on her 18th birthday!

Func fact, Susan went with Queen Elizabeth on her honeymoon. That reminds us, have you seen the best dog-friendly holiday ideas (EDIT: Hyperlink to BLOG 1)?

If you were one of the Queen’s Corgis, you’d have 40 acres of garden to wee, poop and run around on! Sounds great, right?

Also, if you were one of the Queen’s Corgis, you’d be the best-fed pup in the United Kingdom, even the world! According to Best Life, they eat out of sterling silver bowls, which are valued at around R8 000. On top of that, they eat at 5 pm sharp, with the Queen giving them the command to eat.

To think, sometimes you let your pup drink out of the pool!

Doug the Pug

How many followers do you have on Instagram?

Meet Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug), who has over 3.8 million Instagram followers! Doug is an influencer star, who has been to the People’s Choice Awards as well as securing contracts with Sketchers and Pizza Hut! Doug is actually your average looking pug, who probably snores and eats weird things of the ground like the rest of our dogs. What sets this doggo apart is his clothing (he wore Versachi to the People’s Choice Awards, some of the staff at Yapper thought Versachi was a type of pasta), obedience and his unique hooman who creates incredible content that’s both funny and adorable. Did we mention that Doug likes to travel? When he’s meeting up with the likes of Billie Eilish, Justin Beiber and Shakira he’s ‘forced’ to meet and see the most amazing people and places on Earth.

Marnie the Dog

Say hello to another Insta-famous pup – Marnie (@marniethedog). Marnie is a special Shih Tzu who was adopted at the age of 11. Marnie’s face leans to her left, due to probable vestibular issues that can’t fully be understood. Marnie recently turned 18 and is a symbol of driving the senior pet adoption initiative. A very important initiative that’s super close to our hearts.

Marnie is one of the most loved and distinctive pups in the last decade. With her tongue hanging out, it truly makes for great content resulting in loads of “Awww” reactions from her 1.9 million fans including Jack Black, Chance the Rapper and Neil Patrick Harris!

Although many think that the pups above may look ridiculous, it’s hard to argue that they aren’t loved enough. Although not to these extents, we should all treat our pups like royalty because in our hearts no better companion deserves our love more!

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