We’ve all come across incredible stories of doggos who amaze us, but none quite surprised us all at Yapper than Naida, the super pup from Siberia! Get out a box of tissues – this pup stole our hearts and got us teary!

In 2014, a young girl left her home following her father out of the house with her little puppy, without him or her mother knowing. Trying to keep up with her father, the young girl lost her way along the Siberian wilderness.

Once her mother realised she wasn’t at home or with her father, panic ensued, and a search party was sent to find signs of the girl and her pup. Within two weeks, there was no sign of either, until the search party stumbled across the fluffy little pup.

The search party was worried that the little girl being separated by her pup meant that something terrible had happened – which is natural to think in bear infested areas.

However, Naida didn’t come home for food.

The pup had made its way home to find and lead the search party to a field of tall grass where the little girl was hiding. Bitten by mosquitos and having small scratches on her feet, the little girl was kept safe and warm in extremely low nighttime temperatures by her fluffy friend! We think this pup has won the best cuddle pup of all time and there simply isn’t a treat big and tasty enough for this good pup.

Dogs aren’t only man’s best friend, but are also our oldest and most sacred friend throughout human history. With about 15 000 years of friendship, it goes to show how far we’ve come as two species who are dependent on each other. Dogs serve as our guardians, like Nadia, and in return, we love and care for them as family.

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