Summer is now at it’s hottest and while we struggle to stay cool and hydrated, we often forget about how our fluffy pups are doing! We’ve made a list of a couple of ways you can keep your best bud cool and relaxed.


First and foremost, pups will need more water over the summer months. Like us, dogs drink more water to keep cool and hydrated. Keep an eye on your doggo’s bowl and keep it topped up. Make sure to place the water in a cool and shady area of your property/house, especially if you have silver metal bowls which heat up quickly.

Dog bed

How often do you kick off the duvet during the night? Well, dogs can get uncomfortable over the summer months too, especially if their beds are filled with too many blankets! Try removing a couple of blankets so that they don’t overheat in their favourite bed. Another way to keep pup cool while resting is to put the bed in a cool area of your house and near water.

Wash time

Pups usually find cool spots to relax during the day and more often than not, it’s cold sand – which makes pup super dirty. This means you need to wash pup, especially if you want them to come into the house. When washing your pup during the hot months, try to keep the water cool, warm enough not to shock them, but cool enough so that they’re not panting while bathing! Try keeping the wash bucket water at a similar temperature as the swimming pool.


There’s nothing wrong with exercising with your pup during the summer months, but try not to go for walkies between 9 am and 4 pm. Make certain that you have enough water on the walk, as pup will be extra thirsty. Another way to keep pup cool during walks is to stay on the grass and off the tar roads. Doggos can feel the heat of the road and too much exposure to heat on their paws can cause damage and a lot of pain.


If you have a long-haired doggo, like a Husky or German Shephard, they can really struggle over the summer months. Try getting them to a doggy parlour for a shave, it will make a massive difference to their energy levels.

As always, chat to your local vet if your pup is constantly panting and tired. They always know best for your buddy. Also, make sure to send us photos of your pups swimming and having fun in the sun on Facebook or Instagram