If you’ve ever had a dog, you’d know that there is nothing on earth quite like them. Dogs are unique because they’re born with a lot of love to give, especially to their hoomans. It can be argued that most dogs are better people than some people!

We decided to jot down what lessons dogs can teach us so that we could make a point to be more like dogs.

Live in the moment

We forget that life only comes around once and it’s a privilege to be alive and healthy. Dogs are constantly living in the moment. They’re beyond happy with the smallest things in life, like seeing their hoomans coming home or seeing another pup they can play with. So what should we do? We should play more and be with the people we love.

Don’t hold on to grudges

Dogs have an incredible capacity for love because they’re quick to forget the bad and are ready to enjoy the good things in life. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been ill or hurt (by accident), they’re always back on their feet in no time, wagging their tail. The fact that doggos, who have been abused by previous owners, have the capacity to love and care for hoomans again is incredible. Lesson number 2: don’t let the bad get in the way of the good in life.

Enjoy life

The lifespan of a doggo isn’t long and it’s as if they know because they’re constantly eager to explore new things, learn and love more! So often we stick to a daily routine which means we get stuck doing the same things over and over again without enjoying the potentially great things we’re missing out on. So what does this mean we should do? Explore more and be courageous.


Humans are great at getting in relationships without trust, and instead of trying to build trust, they’re constantly assuming the worst from the start. One of the greatest traits dogs have is that they love so much that they immediately trust and protect us, without question. It’s another lesson we could learn from dogs: trust and trust again.

Get back up

Have you ever shouted at your pup for doing something naughty, then, later on, see them heading towards you wagging their tail with love? Dogs don’t forget, they learn what makes humans happy and sad and they always respond with love. They’re never stuck in a bad mood for long, unless they have health issues, and are constantly easy to please with an ear scratch. So what’s this lesson dogs can teach us? Don’t let the world get you down.

Accept who you are

Do you think dogs care about what they look like? Absolutely not! Some dogs are born without or have lost their legs and still have the attituded and joy a normal doggo has! They’re not worried about their image, they’re constantly bubbly and happy no matter what. Here’s your next lesson: a good attitude is attractive and productive.

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