Did you know that Dobermans are some of the top canine search and rescue dogs? Well, this inspiring story of a star pup will cement this fact!

In June 1917, a Doberman pup by the name of Sauer was born at the South African Police Dog School in Irene; this pup did something extraordinary when nothing much was expected from him. It goes to show, you can accomplish anything to which you put your mind.

Although Sauer had excellent breeding, he was deemed too nervous for police work. While other officers found the pup too challenging to handle, he formed a bond with Detective-Sergeant Herbert Kruger and the two began to work together. This friendship was the start of a very successful career for our star doggo.

Early on in his career, Sauer managed to follow the trail of a thief for a hundred and thirty-two hours, which is an incredible feat, everyone was astounded by this, and the pup would only continue to impress people in the years to come. This action was believed to be a world record.

An example of Sauer’s incredible work was finding the local minister’s stolen bag, which contained clothes and three pounds in cash, this was a lot of money in those days! The minister’s bag would later be found in the bush, and the pup and his handler were asked to help. After a day had passed, our star doggo was able to pick up the thief’s scent and lead the police to a house where they arrested the thief.

Fast forward a few years and many successful trails later, Sauer, along with his handler Kruger, made history in 1925 when they tracked a thief for a hundred hot and gruelling miles over the Great Karoo and then caught the guy. Sauer holds the world record, and to this day it has not been beaten. Not bad for a doggo who wasn’t good enough for police work!

This incredible pup died at age nine in 1926 in De Aar. What an inspiring story, may you always aspire to be like Sauer!

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