If you’re reading this blog, you’re wanting to see if your doggo is a cuddle master or, perhaps it’s time you got him a chum for some friendly competition.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your doggo. Your secret is safe with us.

So, which dogs make the best cuddle buddies!?

We decided to do some napping tests at Yapper. We brought our pups to work and, after lunch, we worked hard at dozing off with our best pals in the name of science!

After these extensive tests, we’ve come up with a list of the best cuddle dogs:

1.Golden Retriever

We had heard word on the street that these fluffy pooches were up there with the best cuddle buddies. We had our doubts mainly because of there bubbly energy. After test naps with these puppers, we were surprisingly agreeable with the ‘word’. It turns out that the reason for their crazy energy is because they recharge entirely when they sleep! We found that they were least affected by noise and other distractions.

We highly suggest these fluff balls as cuddle buddies. However, as soon as they have a sniff of food nearby – it can all change in an instant.

2.English Bulldog

Straight away, we know what you’re thinking, yes they snore like crazy.

But these lumpy canines cuddle up like warm sauna rocks. A number of our team members were undisturbed until the snoring kicked in, and even when it did, they thought it was cute.

We can’t argue with that logic.


These small cuddle balls were a hot debate at the Yapper nap lab, mainly because a few of the team members had a constant fear of rolling over and hurting the little pup by accident. Besides this, they’re one of the best cuddle dogs because they’re always eager to get under the covers to find all the warmth they can! As soon as they stop their shiver, cuddling with Chihuahuas can be peaceful and extremely adorable.

We loved how close they cuddle to get warm! It’s so lovely to be needed, right?

4.Basset Hound

Is it just us or do these droopy doggos always look tired? Well, it turns out they are!

We found that Basset Hounds make great cuddle dogs because they can sleep all day. We reckon it’s because they can smell into the future – and if there’s nothing exciting about to happen then they simply just doze off.

If logs could bark, it would be a Basset Hound. Once they’re in a comfy position, there’s nothing that could stir up this pups hunting dreams!

Do you have a pooch that loves a good snooze and makes a great cuddle buddy? Tell us all about it on Facebook and Instagram. We love hearing from pet parents!

Enjoy your cuddles!