Warwick Bethwaite

The best thing to do with your dog is, well, everything!

The more they do, the more they learn about the world through smells, interactions and exposure. Because we love happy dogs, we’ve compiled a list of a couple of things you can do with your dog – in the name of fun, health and bonding time.

Fetch, boy!

A lot of dog parent might look away here because their dog is not interested in playing fetch. However, there are ways to teach your pup to play! Start by playing a tug-of-war with their favourite toy and at the same time, teach them to grab the toy and then to leave it. Wave the toy around at first, then start moving it around on the floor. If your pup starts to play along, start tossing the toy further and further.

Eventually, you’ll both be in the park covering some healthy distance and getting in an arm work out.

Park off.

Going to the park gives your pup a chance to play with other fluffy friends. Being exposed to other animals is a good way of keeping your pup social. If you want to get another dog in your home, it shouldn’t be a problem if your dog is socialised.

While you relax on the bench, watch your pup race up their heart rate by chasing each other around, trying to get some sniffs. Talking about sniffs…

Take a hike.

Going on moderate adventure trails is good for the doggo.

They’ll learn new smells and have a blast going for a fun walk with their best friend – you. It’s excellent for their paws, especially when compared to walks on tarred gravel roads. Also, a doggo on a scenic adventure will do great things for your Instagram! P.S. Make sure you tag us in your photos on our Instagram or Facebook pages!

Tricks and Treats

Another fun activity you can do with doggo is learning new tricks. It’s excellent for braai-day entertainment when human friends come around. It’s a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your panting pal. Start by teaching doggo the basics, such as sit, lie down, roll over and stay. Make sure you reward them after they’ve completed every trick. If only children were this easy, right?

If you’re a pup parent, the best thing you can do for your dog (and yourself) is to get out of the house and into the world. If a dog feels as though they’re caged in, it could lead to poor mental and physical health. Take them on car rides with you, to the beach, to the shops and back or even camping. The more they’re exposed to, the happier and smarter they become.

Unfortunately, as a curse to humankind, dogs don’t live long. It’s up to you to go out and make their life meaningful.

Enjoy bonding with your pup, and make sure to upload their daily activity on your Yapper App!